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Home Automation

February 10, 2017

Smart home automation systems can be installed in your home to offer enhanced control and monitoring of a variety of home devices and systems. You can benefit greatly by installing a smart home automation system to work with your heating and cooling systems as well as home security system. From improved energy management to enhanced surveillance of the home, home automation for HVAC and security systems is a smart choice for homeowners.

Home Automation Apps

With a home automation system installed, you can stay connected and control your systems from anywhere. With mobile apps installed on your smartphone, you will have the ability to access your home automation system components even when you’re away. Conveniently access energy management data, adjust system settings, and more from your smartphone or tablet. Through the mobile app, you can control all the devices incorporated in your home automation system, including:

* Thermostats
* Energy Meters
* Smart Locks
* Sensors
* Surveillance and Video

* Improve heating and cooling energy efficiency

With a home automation system for use with your heating and cooling systems, you’ll benefit from greater control that will allow you to cut energy waste while keeping your home comfortable. Easily control your thermostat’s settings remotely — never waste energy or money because you forgot to set back the temperatures before leaving for the day. Simply access your system via the mobile app to adjust settings remotely.

Your home automation system also collects valuable data about your home’s energy use. Through energy monitoring, you’ll see exactly home much energy you’re using to heat and cool your home. Use this data to help you set attainable goals for lowering your energy use and utility bills. You’ll also be able to determine the most energy-efficient settings for your home, allowing you to create smart schedules to improve efficiency while maintaining comfort.

Enhance Some Security

Using a home automation system with your home security components keeps you connected at all times. Home automation systems can control a variety of security devices, from door locks to cameras. Never worry all day about whether or not you locked the front door or if the kids forgot their house key — use the mobile app to lock or unlock your doors from the office or wherever you may be. View video clips on your smartphone and receive alerts if motion is detected in your home so you can take action immediately if necessary.

Home Automation Benefits

Installing a home automation system has many benefits beyond enhanced control. By staying connected with your home’s systems at all times, you’ll receive important alerts that will allow you to keep your systems in top shape. Your home automation system can send maintenance alerts straight to your smartphone, so you’ll never overlook changing a furnace filter or performing other essential maintenance tasks again. If there’s an issue with any components of your home automation system, you’ll be informed of system breakdowns and errors right away, so you can call for professional service sooner to protect your equipment and restore proper functioning.

Our goal is to provide our customer’s with the best possible energy savings and industry leading home automation technology. By partnering with Building 36, our customers have complete home awareness any time of the day.

Our goal is to provide our customer’s with the best possible energy savings and industry leading home automation technology. By partnering with Building 36, our customers have complete home awareness any time of the day.

Intelligent Home Gateway: The Intelligent Home Gateway is the brains of the home alert technology. It has the capability to communicate with the other monitoring devices in your home to keep you connected from anywhere, at any time. This gateway can connect over 200 z-wave devices, allowing you to customize your system at any time with just the push of a button.

Energy Management



Set customer smart schedules to automate heating and cooling schedules 

Remotely monitor and adjust your thermostats

Customize thermostat to automatically adjust during extreme hot or cold weather

Receive alerts via text or email if home reaches critical temperatures

Light & Appliance Control Devices:

Control your lights remotely
Set smart schedules, or set lights to turn on with door locks and motion sensors

Energy Monitoring Mirco-SES (in-wall adapter)
Wall Mounted Binary Switch Wall Mounted Dimmer
Wall Mounted 3-Way Switch

Light & Appliance Control Devices with Energy Monitoring:
Smart Energy Switch Connect lights and other devices for automation and remote control

Set custom on/off schedules
Micro Energy Smart Switch Monitor the energy use of the connected device Heavy Duty Smart Switch

Home Energy Meter:

View your home’s total electrical energy use in real time; view graphs, set goals, and receive daily/weekly reports

Captures the electricity rate of your utility provider

Home Access

Kwickset SmartCode Deadbolt Door Locks:

Set custom notifications to know when the door has be accessed

Assign unique codes for guest entry
Kwickset SmartCode Lever Remotely lock and unlock doors Yale Keypad Deadbolt

Garage Doors:

Open/Close garage door remotely
View open/closed status
Upgrades to existing garage door easily
Liftmaster Control Panel Liftmaster Universal Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster Gateway Awareness

Video & Image:

HD quality live video with night vision
Receive video notfications via text or email
Video clips are stored securely in the cloud Indoor Wireless Pan/Tilt Camera with IP Night Vision
Indoor Wireless Fixed IP Camera with Night Vision

Outdoor Wireless IP Camera with Night Vision

Image Sensor:

Built-in camera takes picture when motion is detected
Check-in on demand and optional picture notification to your phone or email
Built-in infrared night vision
Compact and wireless; can be mounted nearly anywhere
Trigger devices to turn on/off
Image Sensor (Motion Sensor with Image Capture)

Water Protection

Water Devices:

Have water supply to your home shut itself off automatically as soon as a leak is detected

Receive damage prevention alerts via text or email to be notified of leaks, floods, or emptied tanks Water Shut-Off Watercop Wireless Actuator

Water Sensor Easily shut the water supply off to your home remotely

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